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Sister Teresa and Sista Maria belong to the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, a community founded by Catherine Kasper, a native of Dernbach, Germany who was born on 26th May 1820 of humble parents, and at an early age resolved to consecrate her life to God. She was animated with the spirit of Mary and the activity of Martha and wished to combine the contemplative and active life in the service of her Master. She and two companions took vows and profess themselves Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, on 15th August, 1851. (Catherine (now Sister Mary) was elected Mother-General of the newly founded community and held the post until her death on 2nd February 1898, by which time the community and had branches throughout Germany, Austria, England, Holland and North America.

In 1979, Fr Wilf Johnson invited the Poor Handmaids to Wellingborough. Sister Teresa and Sister Maria have now been an active force in our parish for 30 years. They try to follow the example of the Foundress by living simply and trying to spread the knowledge of God and his love for all His people. The pastoral life of our Parish has been blessed by their presence and ministry for 30 years and it is impossible to imagine Wellingborough without their welcoming smiles. We wish them many more years.