Society of St Vincent De Paul

Wellingborough & Rushden Conference

Our Vision

Our Vision, is inspired by Christ's message to love our neighbour as ourselves, be it individuals or families in any form of need physical, financial or emotional, whilst respecting their dignity, worth, well-being and peace of mind and sharing mutual hope.

Who do we help?

 • Members of our parishes in need of support.
 • Families and individuals in any form of crisis.
 • Those who are lonely, sick or bereaved.
 • The homeless and those living in all forms of poverty.
 • Offenders and their families.

What do we do?

 • Help members of the parish who are alone, sick and in need of a friendly smile.
 • Residential and Care home visits.
 • Arrange parish events, such as coffee mornings, masses for the sick and an annual pilgrimage to Walsingham.
 • Befriend any individuals and families in need of support.
 • Provide practical and financial support.
 • Assist with financial planning, form filling and C.V. creation.
 • Actively engage with the homeless community via Streetmeals.
 • Actively engage with those living in food poverty.
 • Work in unison with local charities and organisations such as The Daylight Centre and Children First to fill gaps in provision.
 • Twin with groups in Grenada and India and support them financially.
 • Raise funds when required through Parish appeals and the national charity ACTS 435.


 • Greg Adamczak
 • James Bellamy
 • Janice Bunting-Gray
 • Stephen Butterworth
 • Cathy Carr
 • Brian Evans
 • John Gore
 • Andrea Hargrave
 • Benia Heywood
 • Martine Kingsley
 • Ivana Kovacikova
 • Richard Massey
 • Carol Massey
 • Juliana Rensburg
 • Linda White

Join us

As with any group we need people with varying skills and interests. Experience of working on the 'front line' is great but by no way essential. Our current team is varied and inclusive. We need people willing to give a little time and a little help to those in need.

Contact - James Bellamy 07749 433000


If you wish to make a donation our bank details are:

Account Name:   E140509 SVP Our Lady
Account Number: 46083723
Sort Code: 60-60-04