Altar Servers Altar Servers have always been a very important feature of parish life here in Wellingborough. For many years, our servers were trained and inspired by the parish MC, Ken De Broize.



Sadly, Ken passed away in 2016 having been an altar server for over seventy years. It would be impossible to guess as to how many youngsters have been trained by Ken as altar servers but what is more certain is that all of them were the finished article; all were well capable of serving at Mass, whatever the occasion. Indeed, the reputation of the ‘Wellingborough Servers’ was, and still is, renowned across not only our own diocese but in Westminster also. Ken very much followed the example given to us by St Stephen in his selfless devotion to the Service of the Lord – the fruits of his labours and the generations of servers both past and present who serve God at His altar are testimony to this. Our parish has long been affiliated to the Archconfraternity of the Guild of St Stephen whose motto is:

                        Regnare Est Cvi Servire – “To Serve is to Reign”


The Guild Promise

“I offer myself to God Almighty, to blessed Mary our mother and to our holy patron, St Stephen. I promise to do my best to serve regularly with reverence and understanding, for the glory of God, the service of His Church and my own eternal salvation.”

Do you want to be an Altar Server?

 If you would like to be an altar server in our parish or would simply like to know more about what is involved, then please give Fr. Paul a call .  Boys and girls can start to train as an altar server once they have received their first Holy Communion. The initial training course runs for six consecutive weeks and these courses are held twice a year. Details of courses will appear in the weekly parish newsletter




 St Stephen – Protomartyr or First Martyr of Christianity (Died about 34AD) Stephen has the double distinction of being the first deacon and the first martyr. All that we know of him is contained in chapters 6 & 7 of the Acts of the Apostles. The disciples were increasing in number through conversion and the commitment to look after those in need was proving too much for the apostles and so it was that they asked the people to choose; ‘from amongst them, seven men of good standing; full of the Spirit and of wisdom, whom we may appoint for the task’. The first listed is Stephen – a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit. Stephen did a great deal to fulfil his ministry as deacon and spread the Gospel amongst the people but he had many enemies, those who did not want to listen to his preaching, and eventually a group of men led Stephen out of the city where they stoned him to death – before he died, Stephen cried out in a loud voice, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them.” Stephen’s feast has been kept from the fourth century or earlier. He became patron to deacons at an early stage. In art, he is usually depicted with a book of the Gospels, a stone and the martyr’s palm. In more recent times, because of his service to God, he has become the patron saint of Altar Servers. His feast day is on 26th December each year.